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Albright College adding electric vehicle charging stations to help meet sustainability goals

Albright College recently announced the installation of 16 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations on campus. The stations will be utilized by staff, students, and the community at large. The new EV charging fleet will be one of the largest accessible by the public in the Reading, PA area, providing the community with available electric power to reduce carbon emissions and drive the movement towards decarbonizing transportation.

Albright College is partnering with Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) to install the 16 new charging stations without passing on any costs to students or the community. EEP will install the 16 units and train Albright staff on how to operate the chargers. Albright College was provided a total of $95,000 in grant funds which includes $85,000 from the Pennsylvania DEP’s Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program for Infrastructure and $10,000 from Berks County Community Foundation’s Met Ed Sustainable Energy Fund. EEP was also able to obtain over $45,000 in incentives which will offset an overall cost of $170,000 for the new charging stations.

“The inclusion of energy-efficient equipment and practices is consistent with Albright College’s overall commitment to environmental awareness and responsibility,” said Kera Wierzbicki, Albright’s environmental health and safety officer and chair of the college’s Committee for Sustainability and Stewardship. An initiative of Albright President Jacquelyn S. Fetrow, Ph.D. ’82, the Sustainability Committee initiates and supports environmental policies, actions, and programs at Albright, ensuring that environmental concerns, including energy conservation, are considered in all aspects of the college’s decision-making.

The new EV chargers are phase 2 of Albright’s commitment to sustainability and energy conservation. Albright is working with EEP to continue improving energy use and efficiency across the campus and add to the current energy efficiency projects currently underway.

“Albright is a true leader in sustainability,” said Chuck Hurchalla, President of EEP, “We are proud to partner with Albright and continue to define new and innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint.”

The press release can also be found on the Albright website here.



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