Conserve Energy, Get Rewarded

One aspect of energy management and sustainable operations that should not be overlooked is Demand Response (DR). DR provides an opportunity for consumers to play a significant role in the operation of the electric grid by reducing or shifting their electricity usage during peak periods in response to grid loads and time-based rates or other forms of financial incentives.

Maximizing revenue generation for participating in DR can be confusing, frustrating, and a confusing landscape to navigate. The two main questions we often receive from our customers are: What does our organization need to do? How much revenue does our organization expect to see from a DR program?

There are many Curtailment Service Providers (CSP – companies that contract DR Programs and manage payments) in the market that provide DR services. Which CSP is suitable for your firm, and how do they differ?

This is where Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) can step in! EEP has expertise in DR and will support your organization’s operations in any market that offers DR programs.

EEP’s DR consulting process includes the following:
  • Define the BEST DR program(s) for your organization-based load and operational profiles.
  • Review existing contracts and determine opportunities for additional revenue for your firm.
  • Confirm curtailment plans and load drop potential.
  • Investigate DR opportunities for additional/alternate programs and revenue streams.
  • Look for energy efficiency projects that can be enrolled in DR for additional payments.
  • Educate and advise on the opportunities and best practices for your organization.

In this complex world of energy management, it is vital to take every opportunity to maximize cost savings and reduce energy consumption while driving your sustainable impact.

Contact EEP today to learn more about DR and how it can benefit your organization.