In honor of Earth Day, Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) donated to the Foundation to offset our carbon footprint for one year. We also donated 1,000 trees that will be planted in Kenya and Madagascar, providing critical support to the environment and local economies.

EEP’s commitment to sustainability extends well beyond our core energy efficiency services and is centered around creating a sustainable, healthy world for future generations. EEP is actively involved with the following organizations to promote sustainability in their greater communities (US Green Building Council & LEED, Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey, Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance, Sustainable Energy Fund, and more). In addition, EEP has implemented extensive sustainability initiatives internally including:

    • Committing to exclusively LED lighting & Energy Star appliances in our office spaces
    • Removing all single-use plastics from EEP facilities and job sites
    • Purchasing carbon offsets for employee business travel
    • Comingled recycling bins placed throughout the offices
    • Limiting the use of paper through digital documents and where required, use of recycled paper in printed documents

EEP looks forward to continuing our support of sustainable organizations and programs that align with our goals to reduce our impact on the environment.

12 tonnes of co2
1000 trees planted