Evolution Sustainability Group (Evolution) is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and leaving a positive impact on the environment, our employees, and our clients. We recognize that our business activities leave a lasting impression on the planet and those within our value chain, and we are committed to managing them responsibly.

In our first sustainability report, we aim to ensure that our values of customer-focus, intellectual- capacity, accountability, work ethic, teamwork, and employee empowerment are displayed within a holistic sustainability strategy that addresses the following topics:

  • Reducing environmental impact. We are committed to achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050 with a 2023 baseline. We will also begin the annual collection of energy, water, and waste usage to identify areas of improvement and conservation while setting and utilizing science-based targets to guide us in our consumption habits.
  • Empowering people. Our employee focus continues to be in maintaining and promoting the fundamental human rights of employees. We will always celebrate individual differences, life experiences, and self-expression as an embrace of diversity.

This report will offer insights into our company structure, performance, significant areas of impact regarding our business model, goals and targets, and immediate next steps as we continue to improve upon each annual report. In coming years, we hope to address the environmental and social responsibility of suppliers to improve the impact of our value chain.

In 2023, Evolution took concrete steps that reflect our values in creating our first Sustainability Report. In recognizing the role we play in the well-being of our planet, people, and business, we look forward to building upon the commitments made in 2023 and embracing our responsibility to promote a responsible business.

Looking to create a sustainability report for your organization? Contact the Evolution ESG team today at info@evolutionsg.com or use our contact form.