Campus Apartments, a national leader in student housing, is also proving itself as a leader in global environmental sustainability.
Since 1959, Campus Apartments has endeavored to positively redefine the college living experience through its mantra of “Smart Living”. Today, the global battle to combat climate change has made CA’s focus on Smart Living even more urgent and meaningful.
Through a continuing multi-year partnership with Evolution Sustainability Group, Campus Apartments has already implemented dozens of energy efficiency and sustainability projects across its property portfolio to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase net operating income, and reduce utility expenses for both CA and the student residents the company serves.

The Approach

As early as 2017, CA and Evolution began looking for ways to responsibly reduce CA’s carbon footprint and energy expenditures via in-depth energy audits conducted at each CA property.

The energy auditing process is designed to closely review all energy consuming loads across CA’s facilities and uncover energy conservation measures (ECM’s) with the greatest positive impact on GHG and ROI. Once approved by CA, Evolution works with the respective property teams to provide professional turnkey installation of the ECM’s along with maximizing state and utility rebates and grants, and providing ongoing support.

The Results

Some examples of the sustainability solutions that CA and Evolution have implemented thus far include occupancy-based intelligent thermostats for apartments, property-wide LED lighting upgrades, smart HVAC controls, etc. Some of the most notable achievements of the ongoing sustainability initiatives have been:
·Average annual carbon footprint reduction per property in excess of270,000 Metric Tons CO2e.
·Over half of the implemented projects produced an ROI of 50% or better.

Sustainable Impacts

As a result of the strategic initiatives across the portfolio, CA has enjoyed the benefits of reduced carbon footprint, reduced costs, and improvements in net operating income. “Campus Apartments’ unwavering commitment to Smart Living dovetails perfectly with Evolution’s expertise and ability to help deliver on that commitment,” states Chuck Hurchalla, President of Evolution. “The Evolution team is incredibly proud of what we and Campus have accomplished so far, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for the benefit of Campus, its student residents, and the environment”.

The implemented energy conservation work is producing an annual reduction across CA’s portfolio of 3,832,439 Metric Tons CO2e. For perspective, the U.S. EPA indicates that this is the equivalent of removing more than 800,000 gas powered cars from the road every year, or more than 1,000 wind turbines running for a year, or the carbon sequestered by more than 4.5 Million acres of U.S. forests each year.


For more information about energy efficiency and green energy options, contact the evolution team today.