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Evolution Energy Partners


FLEMINGTON, N.J., – Luxfer Holdings PLC (NYSE: LXFR), in partnership with BioStar Renewables and Evolution Energy Partners, will break ground on a 1,950-kilowatt solar power project in Flemington, New Jersey beginning March 2022. Scheduled to come online in December 2022, the solar panel array will provide over 2.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year to power the Luxfer MEL Technologies factory and the surrounding community.

The project will feature 4,587 of BioStar’s high-efficiency solar panels designed to optimize power production for commercial customers like Luxfer. The solar array will be situated on a 7.5-acre lot adjacent to the 65,000 square foot Luxfer MEL Technologies factory and is expected to power most of the factory’s electrical needs. Upon completion, the system is projected to save the equivalent of 1,875 metric tons of CO2e annually.

“We are excited to work with our partners to bring Luxfer one step closer to achieving our environmental goals,” said Alok Maskara, Luxfer’s Chief Executive Officer. “This project demonstrates the viability of renewable energy sources, while supporting Luxfer’s sustainability strategy to deliver long-term value to our business, stakeholders, and the community in which we operate.”

The solar project is among the first in Flemington. The parties will utilize, to the extent possible, local labor for the project’s construction, bringing additional high-wage jobs and safe, renewable energy to the Flemington area.

“Evolution Energy Partners is excited to expand our partnership with Luxfer through the Flemington Solar Project. The project will not only produce major energy savings but will also provide jobs and clean, renewable energy to the community,” says Chuck Hurchalla, President and Founder of Evolution Energy Partners. “This represents the future of energy generation and a focus on the sustainable future of manufacturing operation, and we are very proud to be a part of it.”

“BioStar is extremely proud to be partnered with two wonderful companies, Evolution Energy Partners and Luxfer, to deliver a successful renewable energy project to Luxfer MEL Technologies and the local Flemington community,” said David Smart, BioStar’s Senior V.P. of Sales. “This project is a huge step forward in meeting Luxfer’s greenhouse gas reduction goals, and BioStar is honored to help facilitate their progress. The State of New Jersey should also be proud, as its renewable energy credit program helped what would otherwise be a marginal project into a no-brainer for our customer.”


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Luxfer is a global industrial company innovating niche applications in materials engineering. Using its broad array of proprietary technologies, Luxfer focuses on value creation, customer satisfaction, and demanding applications where technical know-how and manufacturing expertise combine to deliver a superior product. Luxfer’s high-performance materials, components, and high-pressure gas containment devices are used in defense and emergency response, healthcare, transportation, and general industrial applications. For more information, please visit Luxfer is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and its ordinary shares are traded under the symbol LXFR.


BioStar Renewables is a clean energy company dedicated to playing a leading role in ensuring a lower carbon future. We provide financing, turnkey engineering, procurement, construction and asset management of renewable energy assets. To date, we boast a portfolio of sustainable assets approaching $100mm with exponential growth each year. Our team has successfully financed more than $150mm in transactions across the renewable electricity, renewable natural gas and organic fertilizer markets. Brands investing in purpose and sustainability are consistently outperforming peer group competitors either by driving costs out of their business, or by driving employee and customer engagement. We help our customers achieve their environmental and sustainability goals by delivering low-cost renewable energy and seamless operations and maintenance services.