Often, an organization’s energy data is not all in one place or in a consistent format.  Scattered data that’s in many formats can make it hard for you to review and analyze your data, check to see if you’re being overcharged for energy, or launch energy-saving projects. These inconsistencies can hurt your bottom line or result in lost efficiency opportunities.

Energy data management software utilizes data to make better sense of your energy information and save money. This type of software automates the data collection process through secure programs and collects large amounts of data from control systems, meters or other equipment. You can utilize the information gathered to analyze utility data, uncover hidden efficiencies or detect utility bill errors.

“Energy data management software can help you communicate with people in your company and outside organizations about energy data and costs so that everyone understands what’s happening—and what could be improved–in the energy realm,” says Vanessa Strausser, VP of Procurement, Evolution Energy Partners. “You can also use it for reporting purposes, to provide reports to contractors or government organizations such as Energy Star.”

In spite of all these potential benefits, companies often avoid taking the plunge into energy data management and utility bill auditing.

Evolution Energy Partners conducted a survey about why companies are reluctant to invest in energy data management and utility bill auditing. Businesses said they don’t have the time, aren’t familiar with the process or don’t see the need.  They also expressed concern about the cost.

Energy data management and utility bill auditing may be a mouthful that sounds daunting and possibly expensive. But businesses and organizations need to understand that these important tasks can be completed with energy management software such as EnergyCap.

“At Evolution Energy Partners, we partner with EnergyCap, a best-in-class energy management software company, to provide energy management software to our customers for free,” says Strausser.  “Our team sets up the software, enters the data, and utilizes the information gathered to analyze utility data and uncover hidden efficiencies or detect utility bill errors.”

For many companies, utility expenses are the #1 operating expense that can be controlled. Software programs like EnergyCap help companies cut waste, optimize their processes and organize their energy data, the company says.

For example, Miami-Dade County, which spends $100 million a year in electricity expenses, is anticipating an annual ROI utility savings of about $2 million, which represents two percent of the county’s annual electricity costs. This savings was realized after 24 county departments united under a single energy management umbrella using EnergyCap management software.  Under the project, the county measured, managed and monitored the performance at its facilities and implemented a streamlined and standardized bill review and payments process. In addition, it established an electricity master plan covering every county department. Case Study

“It is believed that just seeing the electric bills saved us the two percent,” said Dan Coogan, energy management analyst for the county in a case history.  “Under the old system, estimated bills were paid as if they were accurate bills. Later, corrected bills were sent and these invoices were misunderstood and often lost,” he said.

The county is not alone in misunderstanding utility bills and paying too much for utilities.  When numerous departments are involved in the bill-payment process, things quickly get complicated. That’s why energy data management and bill auditing is so beneficial to all kinds of organizations, including government, higher education institutions, businesses, energy consultants and schools.

Evolution Energy Partners provides energy data management and utility bill audits for free. To learn more, contact Vanessa at vstrausser@evolutionep.com