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Evolution ESG Partners

Evolution ESG Partners is a part of the Evolution SG family of sustainability-focused companies. Evolution ESG defines environmental, social, and governance (ESG) actionable strategies and reporting to support sustainable operations for organizations across multiple industries.


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are:

  • A set of guiding principles that leaders use to run their companies to be good corporate citizens.
  • A set of standards for an organization’s operations that investors use when considering potential investments.


Environmental criteria focus on how an organization’s operations impact the environment. The use of renewable energy, waste management programs, carbon emissions reductions, and an organization’s response to climate change can significantly affect an organization’s impact on the environment.


Social criteria focus on the organization’s impacts defined by employee or workplace policies, ethics, customer relationships, charitable donations, and many other societal drivers.


Governance criteria reflect leadership and reporting benchmarks critical for organizations and how they are managed and stated to the public.


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance has become a strong differentiator as the focus shifts to an organization’s impact on the community and the planet. Investors across the globe are making it clear that they expect companies to have ESG policies in place, incorporating ESG into their overall investment strategy.

Organizations with a strong ESG strategy are proven to outperform their competitors with no ESG strategy. It is projected that ESG mandated assets will comprise more than half of all professionally managed assets by 2025. (Deloitte)

The results are there. Organizations with successful ESG strategies lead to improved long-term returns, a positive impact on their brand image and reputation, improved employee and customer engagement, and reduced investment risk.


The ESG journey typically begins with a materiality assessment and an initial audit to determine current initiatives and how they fit into an ESG strategy. Next, the organization defines a starting baseline, chooses appropriate metrics for monitoring progress, and determines ESG goals. Many organizations develop an ESG “roadmap” to benchmark progress towards goals, and some report to frameworks.

For many organizations, it can be challenging to identify appropriate goals, or there is pressure to allocate already scarce resources to an ESG program. Benchmarks might be artificially high or low. Goals might be too lofty or easily met with limited impacts. For some, it can be overwhelming even to know where to start. Here’s where Evolution ESG Partners comes in.

Working with Evolution on your ESG strategy launches your organization on a powerful course of action by focusing on impact, achievability, and how initiatives correlate to one another. The result is a strategy that benefits an organization’s financial success while maximizing the good

Benefits of Working With Us

  • Build a customized strategy with realistic milestones tailored to the organization’s goals
  • Avoid costly consulting, putting the focus on strategic actions with strong
  • Identify third-party building certifications (i.e. WELL, LEED) consistent with ESG goals
  • Determine KPI’s and benchmarking criteria consistent with ESG frameworks
  • Create cross-company buy-in with documented financial impacts that allow long term commitment to ESG plan
  • Gain support from experts with proven success in sustainable projects


Analytics to Make Decisions and Track Results

An energy data management platform can help you make a business case for sustainability initiatives throughout your organization. The data platform can combine your utility data to streamline benchmarking and certifications across your portfolio.

Sustainability reporting can allow you to:

  • Increase overall asset value and improve investor perception
  • Ensure all reporting and compliance requirements are met
  • Establish market leadership and benchmark against peers
  • Reduce time spent capturing, analyzing, and reporting sustainability data
  • Track year-to-year portfolio improvement and performance

Evolution ESG is committed to providing a cost-effective approach based on current research, industry best practices, and data-informed ESG strategy for our clients. 

Our goal is to promote a best-in-class approach that will bring the most significant impact to our clients, the community, and our planet.