Press Release
Evolution Energy Partners


Sullivan & Co., Inc. (Sullivan) and Evolution Energy Partners (EEP) have agreed to a strategic partnership that will drive Sullivan’s commitment to corporate sustainability. The multi-faceted partnership includes energy efficiency projects, 100% procured green energy, as well as ENERGY STAR Certifications for their highest performing buildings.

To develop the best solutions for Sullivan, the EEP engineering team thoroughly examined Sullivan’s portfolio-wide energy consumption. In accordance with the City of Boston’s Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO), EEP performed ASHRAE Level 2 Audits on all of Sullivan’s Boston properties.

An ENERGY STAR rating of each facility was included as part of these audits. The ENERGY STAR Score is a measure of how well a property is performing relative to similar properties when normalized for climate and operational characteristics. Sullivan’s properties at Strathmore Road and 1940-1950 Commonwealth Avenue received an ENERGY STAR of 99. This indicates that both buildings are currently 24 points above the national median of similar facilities in the United States.

Sullivan also commissioned energy audits on numerous other multifamily properties in Brookline and Allston which resulted in two energy efficiency projects. The LED lighting upgrade and thermostatic control projects reduced their energy output by more than 37,000 pounds of CO2e annually.

In addition to projects that have already been completed, Sullivan is looking forward to building on its sustainability mission. Additional projects are being considered such as on-site solar arrays, water conservation measures, and additional thermostatic controls.

To further drive Sullivan’s sustainability goals, the EEP procurement team built a customized green energy contract that included the purchase of 100% green e-RECs to power over 111,000 sq ft. of property.

 “Reducing our energy consumption and costs through these types of projects have been of great interest to our management team”, said Pamela Sullivan,  Vice President of Sullivan & Co., Inc. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with EEP and to find additional opportunities in which we can reduce our portfolio’s energy consumption.”

“Since the start of EEP’s work with Sullivan, we have realized the benefits of a comprehensive sustainability program”, said Dailey Tipton, Vice President at EEP. “EEP’s partnership with Sullivan has proven to provide a multitude of sustainable and financial opportunities – all of which have significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions for the Sullivan portfolio. Our partnership with Sullivan and support of the high Energy Star ratings for their facilities, speak to Sullivan’s commitment to driving a long-term sustainable commitment to their assets, employees, and tenants.”

Sullivan and EEP will continue to work in partnership to reduce energy consumption and drive Sullivan’s commitment to sustainability. Further energy conservation methods and renewable energy projects will be discussed and implemented during EEP’s continuous evaluation of Sullivan’s operations.



Sullivan & Co., Inc. (Sullivan) is a family-owned and operated real estate management company established in 1984. Sullivan manages both residential and commercial properties located in Boston and the greater metropolitan area; providing homes and workplaces for residents and commercial tenants at reasonable prices, maintaining personal relationships with tenants, and working with a dedicated and responsible team.


Evolution Energy Partners is a full-service energy management, engineering, and consulting firm offering best-in-class sustainability, energy efficiency, procurement, and analytical solutions. Our goal is to build solutions that decrease our client’s carbon footprint through effective energy management and increased efficiency while maximizing savings to the organization. Evolution Energy Partners customers enjoy positive impact on the bottom line by leveraging a comprehensive suite of services that mitigate risk, enhance stakeholder value, and provide a foundation to increase corporate citizenship and sustainable practices. For more information about energy efficiency projects and cost savings through energy management contact