It seems that for every way to say you have a healthy, sustainable, or efficient building – there is a green building certification to go with it. At Evolution, our staff stays current on green building certifications, the standards they require, and the best system to correspond with ESG goals. Some green building certifications place an emphasis on energy efficiency, while others focus on human health and creating a desirable space for your building occupants. Some are focused on driving value in commercial real estate and attracting high-dollar tenants and investors alike. Some are a great fit for a university campus or housing community, some are great for an office building, some apply to any type of building. We break it down for you in an easy-to-digest guide but are also proud to have green building experts on staff who can talk through your sustainability goals and exactly how that relates to green building certifications.

Free Download : Green Building Certifications Overview.pdf

Of course, we are always happy to work with you and develop a custom approach to green building certification that fits your areas of focus, timeline, and budget. For questions or comments about Green Building Certifications, contact us today.